Finding the Best Nespresso Machine

best nespresso

Now there’s a number of Nespresso espresso machines. Which is the best Nespresso machine? Nespresso espresso machines does not use coffee powder. so you can not use prepackaged ground coffee powder or grind your favourite coffee beans using a coffee grinder. Nespresso espresso machines use their own unique Nespresso coffee capsules.

There are two products lines of Nespresso espresso makers. The VertuoLine uses the vertuo coffee capsules. The OriginalLine uses the original coffee capsules. The capsules are slightly more expensive than using ground coffee powder or grinding coffee beans directly. However, you get the convenience of making coffee automatically by just pressing a button. You do not have to deal with coffee powder which can get very messy. If you like to do minimal cleaning of your kitchen counter, these coffee capsules are the best.

There are two types of Nespresso espresso machines. One type make the traditional espresso, and espresso based drinks such as cappucinos and lattes. Another type can make both coffee and espresso. This second type is a newer product from Nespresso. It is great for those who enjoy drinking both coffee and espresso and would switch between the two every now and then.

The traditional Nespresso espresso makers can be divided into two types. One type of espresso makers can only make espresso. This class of espresso makers are also less expensive. You can get one with one or two hundreds dollars. If you need to make milk-based drinks, a separate milk frothing machine is needed.

The other types comes with a milk frothing part. These models are more expensive. But they provide great convenience as you can steam and froth the skimmed milk automatically. After that, you can still store the unused skimmed milk back into the fridge for storage and future use.

The water tank capacity for these Nespresso espresso machines also differs from model to model. This is a important factor too if you have a large family. If the water tank can hold very little water, then you will make less cups of espresso for every full water tank. That means you need to refill your water tank very frequently. This can really be a hassle if you are preparing the coffee early in the morning before going to work.

I am very busy at work. I also have a large family. So I would keep in mind the water tank capacity so that I can make a lot of drinks with only 1 refill of the water tank.
Nespresso Innissia is one of the cheaper Nespresso espresso machines. This espresso maker is very small and compact. It will be good for my small kitchen counter top. The price is also very attractive to me.

However, it can only make espresso. If I buy a separate milk frother, I will have to pay extra money. This means the total cost of the espresso machine and milk frother will be much more. So it is not really that cheap after all.

Another negative point is that the water tank for this Nespresso Innissia espresso maker is very small. I have a large family. I also do not like to waste time refilling water tank in the morning as I need to rush for work in the morning. This Nespresso Innissia espresso maker is not a ideal espresso machine for me. I have to consider other Nespresso models which can provide me convenience at a good affordable price.

Nespresso Citiz espresso maker is very small and compact. So it is very good for my small kitchen top. It is also very cheap. It is less than 200 dollars. It totally matches my budget for the Nespresso espresso maker.

Nespresso Citiz has an advantage in its larger water tank. So I can make more drinks for a full water tank for my family. I do not have to make several refills in the morning just to make enough cups of coffee for my family. This is good for me. It gives me more time before I rush to work in the morning.

Nespresso Vertuoline coffee maker can make both coffee and espresso. It is great for my family as they can have two options of coffee. This nespresso vertuoline coffee maker has a large water tank. This mean more cups of coffee made for every refill of the water tank. It is also very cheap at under 200 dollars.

Nespresso Lattissima Pro is a high end Nespresso espresso maker. It is rather expensive. However, I can make cappuccino with this espresso maker. Making cappuccino with the nespresso Lattissima pro is fully automatic. This espresso maker comes with a automatic milk frothing container to steam and froth the milk automatically. This means I can make cappuccino with just a touch of the button. This is a really convenient cappuccino maker for me.